Offering Professional VoiceOver Service with Product Demonstrations, Audio Books, Promotions, Announcements, and More.

Professional Services

Personalized and seamless collaboration.  I look forward to keeping your creative project on budget, on time, and stress‑free.

Skilled & Prepared

Low-Toned, Trustworthy, yet Strong Voice talent with the clean language style and neutral accent to bring your projects to life - delivered with versatile, crisp pronunciation, a sense of fun, and ‘spit spot’ attitude with every detail.

Quality Audio Equipment

Clear, quality, broadcast-quality sound with enhanced effects, advanced modulation and HD audio.

Upbeat Podcast Introduction. Bring life to your team's goals to draw in your audience.

Healthcare eLearning Intro.  Set a tone and manage expectations with patients and clinical teams. Establish trust with the right voice at the right time.

Play Video

Retail Promotion Voiceover.  For product or services introductions, social promotions, commericials, and more.

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Faith-based Voice Talent for prayers, devotionals, meditation apps, small-group annoucements, pre-recordings, and more.  Let’s work together to enrich the lives of those who are looking to find peace from any device, anywhere.

Narratives, Excerpts, eBooks, and more. Making collaboration easy to manage longer scripts for bigger projects.